How to contact me

Snailmail: Dave Tallent, Legacy Academy, 1975 Legacy CIR, Elizabeth CO 80107

Voicemail: (303) 646-2636, extension 153 (i.e., after your call goes to the message, hit “#153”)






6 comments on “How to contact me

  1. Hi Mr. T!,
    Thanks for allowing me to be apart of your class this year, I am looking forward to helping out. Please let me know if I can bring anything for the very important but often overlooked National Pirate Speak day! I’ll be glad to help. Have a great week..

  2. Hi Mr. T. Pitty the fool. Sorry, wrong Mr. T.
    Hey, love the blog. I routinely check my RSS faves from around the world each day. Have other LA teachers, and the school itself for that matter, expressed an interest in this mode of keeping the LA community informed? If there’s anything I can do to encourage use of this medium in the school, let me know.
    Best Wishes,

  3. HI!!!!!!!! I can’t wait to see you again because I haven’t seen you all summer….

    Best regards,
    Sara Mae Vergis 😉

    p.s. You were the best teacher I have ever had…see ya around!!!!!!!!

  4. Just wanted to drop you an update. First and foremost I want to thank you for having coached Sean. Me and my wife are Grateful for you action that night…If it wasn’t your action Sean may not be here today. We believe were 3/4 done on his hospitalzation with one procedure to go. Once this fever passes Sean will get his ICD (portable heart device) and then a week of monitoring. He’s looking better each day and we hope to have him back to school later this month or in feb.. Again, Mr. T we are very thankful for what you did.. You are our hero John and Tami Paredes

  5. Hello Mr. T!!!! It’s Tuesday night and the week 5 spelling words are still last weeks list. I’m just saying….. Your Friend, Mrs. Wagner

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