Thanks to everyone for another special year

At home, my family has finally become accustomed to my habit of calling my students, “my kids.” For example, I’ll see something on television that’s funny and will say to Sam and Sophie, my son and daughter, “My kids would love this.” For a time, they looked confused. Now they understand that in a tug-of-war for my attention and affection on an extended, daily basis, 27 fourth graders are formidable foes.

I begin each new academic year certain that my previous class was the “best ever.” Just as certainly I am proven wrong. This class was diverse, bright, and always challenging.  They will be forever special and treasured by me because they, as it has turned out, are the last group of fourth graders I will teach at Legacy Academy. I’m going to miss them all. Keep them reading and writing this summer and have them stay in touch (drop me an email at

My heartfelt thanks to everyone that volunteered this year. I couldn’t have done it without you, especially my Room Moms Mmes. Baum, Egan, and Land. Nearly everyone participated in some way (often multiple times) whether hosting classroom/birthday parties, guiding field trips, setting up/tearing down for the Medieval Feast or Market Day, assisting in the dissection of sheep hearts, taking pictures or video, sending me postmarked postcards, or working one-on-one with students in the classroom. The list goes ever on. Don’t get me started on the spontaneous gifts of coffee, chocolate, baked goods, and gift cards. I only hope I haven’t left something or someone out.

Also, you long-suffering parents: thank you for your comments, ideas, constructive criticism, support and patience throughout the year. Thirty odd weeks of car pools, tutorials, projects, and homework should earn you a citation. All I can offer is my sincerest “thank you.”



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