Week 36 (May 20-23, 2013)

iPads and chargers (with cords) will be returned Tuesday, May 21. You will be billed for the cost of any missing equipment and your child’s report card will be held as ransom until it is paid.

MobyMax math baseline testing results for the 2013 (only) academic year will be emailed to you this week.

Paint Mines field trip, Wednesday, May 22. Click here for the basic lowdown on the field trip paying particular attention to the equipment list.

The Wednesday, May 22th weather forecast for beautiful Calhan calls for a high temperature of 71 degrees and a 5-10 mph wind out of the southeast in the afternoon.  No rain is predicted. It looks to be a perfect day for hiking. That said:

  • the UV (sunburn) index will be “very high,” so bring your sunscreen,
  • dress appropriately (i.e., in layers). We arrive around 9:30am and it may still be cool.
  • bring enough water (about 32 ounces, i.e., 8 ounces per hour) and
  • trail food in addition to your disposable lunch and drink (examples: granola bars, toaster pastries, cookies, trail mix, dried fruit, Fig Newtons, M&M’s, sunflower seeds, hard candy, crackers, candy bars, or cheese)

Field Day and early dismissal (at noon) takes place this Thursday, May 23 at Casey Jones Park.

  • Help is needed (all volunteer hours are doubled) to run stations, lead a group of students, supervise, pictures, and a variety of other jobs.
  • Please contact Mrs. Chamberlain (1st – 4th grade) at maggie.chamberlain@legacyk8.org.
  • There will be a meeting for all field Day Volunteers on Monday, May 20th, at 3:15pm in the cafeteria.

Now, Billy 971811_569464729753581_1053099162_n


There will be no new homework assignments this week in any subject. Any missing work and makeup testing must be completed by Tuesday morning.


Vintage Social Networking

What to do this summer. Your kiddos will be able to use two powerful websites, both accessible from any computer or smart device (not just Apple products), throughout the summer. So, before they unload their backpack for the summer, write down their usernames and passwords for:

If young minds do indeed soak up information like sponges, then it is reasonable to suppose that their little brains, like sponges, will dry out and shrink if not put to use. In that spirit, Instructor magazine from Scholastic offers:



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