Week 35 (May 13-17, 2013)

iPads and chargers (with cords) will be returned this week. Students will turn in their iPads and charger blocks on Thursday, April 16 Tuesday, May 21. You will be billed for the cost of any missing equipment and your child’s report card will be held as ransom until it is paid (Hey, I’m just the messenger).

MAP testing results for the academic year 2012-13 will be emailed to you this week. While results were already distributed with the 3rd quarter report cards and discussed with virtually all parents, if you have any lingering questions about how to decipher the information, please contact me before May 22.

An email with the link to complete the online permission slip to attend the May 22nd field trip to the Paint Mines was sent last week to all fourth grade parents (the deadline to complete it is Monday, May 20th). Only one email bounced back to me because of a funky email address. If you were that person (you’ll know because you didn’t receive the email), please contact Mrs. Koenen or me. Once the form is completed online, all that is required of you is to send $9 for your student’s bus fare (parent volunteers ride for free).

1 minute party

For your calendar:

  • Monday. After today, your student becomes a fifth grader in 7.5 “school” days.
  • WednesdayLibrary books are due.
  • Thursday. iPads and chargers are returned by students.
  • Friday. All school Dress of Choice
  • May 13-17 (all week) Spring MAP testing (language, science; make-ups), for an hour each morning..
  • May 22 (Wednesday), Paint Mines field trip, Calhan, 8:30-2:30.

Left Brain Right Brain

iPads. Please make certain your student brings a fully-charged iPad each morning.

How we’re working in the classroom:

  • Spelling. No spelling this week. Instead, they will create a story using 20 carefully selected spelling words and phrases.
  • Vocabulary. The class will study for their vocabulary test using their black and white notebooks.
  • Reading. Please have your student listen to the story at least one time at home during the week before iPads are turned in.
  • Math.  Ask your student to show you her/his progress in Moby Max. They took another baseline test to see their growth since January. I think you will be pleased. Also, write down and save their Moby Max username and password so they can continue to use it on their home computer or other device.
  • Science. All work will be done in the classroom using Discovery Education.
Liquid nitrogen plus 1,500 ping pong balls. What could go wrong?

Liquid nitrogen plus 1,500 ping pong balls:  what could go wrong?


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