Week 32 (April 22-26, 2013)

Various 2012-13 photos can be seen here.

Race to Read (Week 5). Mr. T’s class is currently in 3rd (from last) place:

  • While optional, students are highly encouraged to participate in this 6 week incentive program to encourage reading at homeRace to Read started March 25, the Monday during our Spring Break.
  • Additional log sheets can be obtained from Mrs. Littlefield.
  • We are emphasizing honesty when filling out the log sheets. A parent’s signature is required with each completed sheet.
  • Just read, man!

iPad made of trees 375953_601436179867742_789766527_n

For your calendar:

  • May 4 (Saturday), Spring Fling Fiesta.” This is Legacy’s big annual fundraiser (my band, Martyrs, will be playing. Hope you can make it). Volunteers are needed with your hours tripled (details here).
  • May 9-10 (Thursday and Friday), Mother’s Day Flower Sale, Library, 8-4.
  • May 22 (Wednesday), Paint Mines field trip, Calhan, 8:30-2:30.

World's Pie Chart

iPads. Please make certain your student brings a fully-charged iPad each morning.

How we’re working in the classroom:

  • Spelling. All spelling words are on your kiddo’s iPad in their Google Drive. They know how to access them. Also, if they’ve done their Monday classwork, they will have them entered into their spelling app and can take pretest after pretest at home throughout the week.
  • Vocabulary. The class will use flashcards created on Quizlet.com to study the week’s vocabulary words. Again, their vocabulary words are listed each week in their iTunes U language arts course.
  • Reading. Please have your student listen to the story at least one time at home during the week.
  • Math.  Ask your student to show you her/his progress in Moby Math. Review with them any practice sets where they scored lower than 70% (they will be highlighted in yellow).
  • Science. All work will be done in the classroom using Discovery Education.



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