Mike Byster / Brainetics Presentation, Wednesday, April 17, 9:30am, Legacy Academy cafeteria

Deborah Landy, thank you for arranging this incredible presentation!


I am pleased to announce that Mike Byster will share his amazing and unique Brainetics learning program to our fourth grade students on Wednesday, April 17, 9:30pm in the Legacy Academy cafeteria.

Mike and his Brainetics program were featured in September, 2007 on ABC’s 20/20 news program. You can see that segment online at:


Mike has created a system for solving complex math problems by using a series of patterns and short-cuts that demystify how numbers work. He also teaches how parents and children can work together to greatly improve the child’s memory.

You can learn more about Mike and the Brainetics program at www.Brainetics.com.

Parents are encouraged to attend the presentation so that they can reinforce some of the learning that will go on at the workshop. Mike believes that children get their information at school, but they get their learning habits from home. He receives thousands of letters from parents every year stating that the hour they spent at the show has positively impacted the way they work with their children.

Mike recognizes that student success is directly correlated to parental involvement and that is why we are inviting all the fourth grade parents. This is an educational presentation not to be missed.

You must RSVP using the parent letter that was sent home in today’s Monday Folder. Please join us!


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