Week 26 (March 4-8, 2013)

TCAP (formerly CSAP) testing reminders for PARENTS:

  • iPads and all other electronic devices (including but not limited to mobile phones, computers, iPods, mp3 players, and portable gaming systems) will be collected daily before testing. All devices will be returned to students before lunch.
  • make sure your student is rested, has eaten breakfast, and has a water bottle and a good book to read.
  • testing sessions / times: two tests per day / 8:20-11:00, Monday thru Thursday (Friday: make-up testing)
  • they will need a snack
  • no other testing (including studying for any tests) or homework for the entire week, however
  • they will work in class throughout the week to complete any missing third quarter reading, writing, math, and science assignments

TCAP (formerly CSAP) testing reminders for STUDENTS:

  • Read the questions first to guide your reading.
  • Practice your mnemonics, e.g., TAPP: Topic. Audience. Purpose. Plan. And,
  • Decent Kids Pass Tests Timely:” Read Directions. Look for Keywords. Plan your writing. Stay on Topic. Make Ten Edits.
  • On writing drafts, remember, they call them “sloppy copies” for a reason. Also, always cross-out instead of erase.
  • Relax. Breathe. Focus. Repeat.
Be excellent, fourth graders!

Be excellent, fourth graders!

(Artist/image credit: unknown)

For your calendar:

  • March 4-20. TCAP (testing) for 4th grade.
  • March 20 (regular school day for students) and 21 (no school for students). Parent/teacher conferences.
  • April 2Sheep lung dissections in Legacy Academy middle school science lab with staff from the Denver Museum of Nature and Science.
  • May 4 (Saturday), Spring Fling Fiesta.” This is Legacy’s big annual fundraiser (last year, my band, Martyrs, played. I’m hoping for a repeat performance).
  • May 22 (Wednesday). Paint Mines field trip, Calhan, 8:30-2:30.

iPads. Please make certain your student brings a fully-charged iPad each morning.  They will be using them after lunch on most days this week, especially those students with missing assignments.

How we’re working in the classroom:

  • Math and Science. In preparation for next week’s math portion of the TCAP, I will continue to briefly review and reinforce concepts.  As mentioned, they will also work in class to complete any missing third quarter assignments.

Moon, We Got Here

(Credit: NASA)


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