Week 24 (February 18-22, 2013)

For your calendar:

  • Wednesday. “Letters of Commitment” for the 2013-14 academic year and field trip permission slips and money due (in case you missed it, another permission slip will be sent home in today’s Monday Folders). Also, library books are due.
  • ThursdayStar of the Week
  • Friday. All School Dress of Choice.
  • February 26. Colorado State Capital field trip, 8:30-2:30.
  • March 4-20. TCAP (testing) for 4th grade.
  • Saturday, May 4, Spring Fling Fiesta.” This is Legacy’s big annual fundraiser (last year, my band, Martyrs, played. I’m hoping for a repeat performance).


  • Please remind your students to charge their iPads every school night.
  • Also, please remind them to bring it to school.
  • Students dying to do homework can use their iPads to take a spelling pretest, study vocabulary, listen to this week’s reading selection, or complete targeted math lessons (your kiddos aren’t lying to you: assigned homework will be rare).
  • Students continue to use their iPads to write in their “blogs” (a blog is a personal journal consisting of written entries called “posts” typically displayed in reverse chronological order so the most recent post appears first).
  • Classroom assignments can be found on your student’s iPad in iTunes U on your student’s iPad. Check their email account and blog often.

How we’re working in the classroom:

  • Reading. Some students are working outside the classroom one-on-one with an instructor, in small reading groups, and/or using a computerized reading program.  Other students are reading selections at home and commenting on what they’ve read. Most students do these tasks in addition to their weekly Open Court reading.
    • Testing.  Students take weekly quizzes on spelling, vocabulary, reading comprehension, and daily language. Immediately after testing, daily language and spelling results can be emailed to you by your student. Reading comprehension and vocabulary test results can be found by Monday on Infinite Campus.
  • Vocabulary. The class will use flashcards created on Quizlet.com to study the week’s vocabulary words.
  • Daily Language Review (DLR).  Students use an annotation app to make editing marks on their daily practice sheets (ask them about the DocAs app). Students discuss and make corrections, save them in a “DLR” folder, and can email their completed sheets to you.
  • Math.  The routine is to pretest to see if what is being covered in the lesson has already been mastered by the student.  Next, unmastered or new concepts are (re)taught.  Finally, they test to determine if they have indeed mastered the concepts.  Testing informs me where learning gaps exist, e.g., lack of mastery with multiplication facts and how to divide. There is daily introduction and review of math concepts.  We use the iPad for quizzes and reinforcement, i.e., Moby Math. CSAP tests released from prior years will be used in class to familiarize your student with the type of questions they can anticipate on this year’s TCAP test.
  • Science.  With the exception of a science biography they will write in March, and occasional reading and video viewing on a science topic, all work will be done in the classroom using Discovery Education.


Knights Brendon, Griffin, Dalton, Jack, and Cullen with the King (credit: Kim Baum, 2013)

Why Scientists Teachers Don't Do Recess Duty

Credit: unknown.


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