Week 36 (May 7-11, 2012)

After today, your student becomes a fifth grader in 7.5 days.

Star of the Week.  We interview a new star on Wednesday and Friday.  Check the schedule.

Students are not allowed to order hot lunch unless they have money in their account.

Mother’s Day Flower SaleMay 10-11.

Paint Mines field trip is May 16 (check here for details).  A permission slip can be downloaded from the box.net sidebar to your right, “Week 36.”

Field Day is Thursday, May 17, 8-noon, at Casey Jones Park.  Volunteers are needed desperately.

Flashcards. In the box.net sidebar to your right, “Week 36” includes Quizlet.com links to flashcards for:

Please check this blog and their planners each night:

Math.  New lessons this week.  Students will have plenty of time to complete their assignments in class.  All students need practice on multiplication facts and how to divide.

Daily Oral Language (DOL). No DOL practice sentences this week.  Students will edit two sentences weekly for a quiz grade.

SpellingStudents are now copying their spelling words into their Google Calendars on Mondays:

  • everybody has the same spelling list this week
  • they will be writing sentences that incorporate their spelling words, and
  • there will be NO SPELLING TEST this week

Vocabulary. All students take a five word vocabulary test every Friday.

All testing in my classes will occur this Friday as follows (again, you can download printable study guides for reading and language arts at “Week 36″ in the sidebar on the right):

  • Daily Oral Language (DOL). They’ll practice test on some of the sentences edited each morning in class. Look for:
    • –Practice sentences, and
    • –Answer key (available Monday night)
  • Spelling.
    • –Spelling list (available Monday night)
  • Vocabulary.
    • –Vocabulary words (available Monday night)
  • Open Court. The reading comprehension exam will be comprised of short answer and multiple choice questions. It is always an “open book” test.
    • “Martha Helps a Rebel (the story is available online)

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