Week 23 (January 30-February 3, 2012)

Click to see who’s our next Star of the Week.

Secure email accounts have been created for your student.  You will be able to access his/her email account at any time.  However, no one can use them until your consent form (sent out last Thursday) is signed and returned.  Fourth grade will make use of these accounts often.

Thanks to everyone who helped at/participated in the Medieval Feast.  I’m told lots of photos and video are on the way.

Science Fair is February 2.  Click here for the details.  I’ve fielded a bunch of questions this weekend.  Regarding your hypothesis, try to frame them as “if/then” statements.  Some student examples:

  • If carbonation increases chemical reactions, then adding baking soda to pop will increase the release of gases at a greater rate than other liquids.”
  • Since metal can handle the heat created by electricity, then an aluminum cup will keep a drink hot for a longer time than other materials.”
Class pictures will be taken this Friday.  Students must wear school uniforms.  No non-Legacy Academy sweatshirts may be worn in the pictures.

Flashcards. In the box.net sidebar to your right, “Week 23” includes Quizlet.com links to flashcards for:

Thanks to Mrs. Cook, first grade, for sharing.

Please check this blog and their planners each night:

Math.  All Tapes, and some Keyboards, will test this week. I’ll be reteaching concepts to select groups again this week.  All students need practice on multiplication facts and how to divide.

      Keyboards and Tapes should practice their multiplication facts daily at http://quizlet.com/421821 .

Daily Oral Language (DOL). Students edit two sentences daily in class using neu.annotate, an iPad app. Additionally, students will edit two similar sentences weekly for a quiz grade (to see if they can apply their newfound editing knowledge).

SpellingStudents are now copying their spelling words into their planners on Mondays:

  • NOTE: everybody has the same spelling list this week
  • NOTE:  they will be doing sentences that incorporate their spelling words, therefore, NO SPELLING TEST this week

Vocabulary. All students take a five word vocabulary test every Friday.

All testing in my classes will occur this Friday as follows (again, you can download printable study guides for reading and language arts at “Week 23″ in the sidebar on the right):

  • Daily Oral Language (DOL). They’ll practice test on some of the sentences edited each morning in class. Look for:
    • –Practice sentences, and
    • –Answer key (available Monday night)
  • Spelling.
    • –Spelling list (available Monday night)
  • Vocabulary.
    • –Vocabulary words (available Monday night)
  • Open Court. The reading comprehension exam will be comprised of short answer and multiple choice questions. It is always an “open book” test.
    • “Shadow of a Bull (study guide is NOT available online)

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