Science Fair, February 2

Don’t start cussin’ me.  I found out about this last Friday, January 6.  We are all scrambling and in this together.

Every fourth grader is required to complete a science fair project for the Legacy Academy Science Fair on February 2.

They will receive a project grade in science for the 3rd quarter.

A written report will NOT be required for fourth graders.  However, the written steps the student followed to reach their conclusions will be part of their project board display.

First deadline:  your students must give me their idea for a project by Friday, January 13.

Look in your kiddo’s Monday folder for their science fair packets.  There will be two items:

1. The “Dear Parents” letter which includes information on:

  • types of science fair projects (note:  I highly recommend fourth graders consider an invention project versus an investigation, but it is their call),
  • judging,
  • preliminary timeline, i.e., when stuff is due for my review,
  • project steps, i.e., how to proceed with an investigation,
  • 10 steps to an invention project, and
  • various judging rubrics (you are only concerned with the last one for “elementary” students.

2. The student project planner, i.e., the working document for your student’s project.

For those of you that can’t wait till Monday evening to review the packets, you can view/download documents by clicking on each item:


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