Week 15 (November 21-25, 2011)

No school Wednesday thru Friday.  Have an outstanding Thanksgiving break.

No hot lunch this Tuesday.

Click to see who’s our next Star of the Week (it’s this Tuesday, by the way).

Market Day is Friday, December 9. Here are some helpful hints.

In the box.net sidebar to your right, “Week 15” includes:

  • multiplication facts flashcards, and a
  • Market Day permission slip (amended deadline is Tuesday, November 22)

What is the Web?  Students will be learning the differences between the Internet, the Web, and search engines.  They will use this knowledge to research their:

  • Starting a business project.  A project guide is available in the “Week 15” sidebar to assist your child create a business plan for a fictional business.  It will be due the first full week of December. We’ll spend a good deal of time on the project in class this week.
  • Wonders of the World.  This will be a video assignment over the next two weeks.

Please check this blog and their planners each night:

Math.  They will pretest this week.  They will also complete any late class/homework assignments through lesson 24.

Keyboards and Tapes should practice their multiplication facts daily at http://quizlet.com/421821 .

Daily Oral Language (DOL). Students will complete any missing tests.

Spelling. No new spelling words this week.

Vocabulary. Students will complete any missing tests.

Testing. No new tests in my classes this week.


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