Week 5 (Sep 12-16, 2011)

Legacy Academy Patriot Day, September 12, 8:15-8:45am.  Info here.

Student email accounts are in the works.  They are “in-house” email accounts, that is, they’ll be used within the über secure Legacyk8.org bubble hosted via Google sites.  Ultimately, the accounts will be used by me to communicate with students, for example, providing feedback on assignments they’ve sent me.  Initially, however, they are necessary in order to set up individual accounts on:

  • The Lexile Framework for Reading. Through this site, your student can build a custom reading list at their reading level on subjects that interest them the most.
  • Khan Academy. This site will complement our Saxon Math curriculum. Khan Academy combines video tutorials viewable privately by students on their iPads and a web-based exercise system that generates problems and assessments for students based on skill level and performance.  Using Khan Academy independently, students will move quickly through concepts they have already mastered and spend time on developing skills.  The tutorials are touted as helpful because, among other factors, they can be paused by students, unlike a classroom lecture by Mr. T.

Communication from Mr. T. Everything you need to know about what’s happening in our classroom on a weekly basis (e.g., assignments, study guides, worksheets; answer keys) can be found on:

  • teacherman.wordpress.com (it is the blog you are reading right now). Weekly homework assignments for my classes (e.g., Saxon Math 5 and science), and, whenever possible, requirements from Mrs. Waide and your student’s specials teachers (i.e., art, music; physical education) will be listed here.

For the latest news throughout the day about Mr. T’s classroom (e.g., early dismissal due to adverse weather), follow us at:

In order to view, download, and print almost anything on the fourth grade blog, you must download copies of a:

  • .zip file unpacker (most computers will open this file automatically when you click on it. If not, you can find one here), and
  • Adobe Reader (this the Adobe Reader download site for most versions of Windows and Mac operating systems. If you cannot find a version compatible with your computer, we’ll have to talk)

Some “conventional” homework is likely this week. Please check the blog and their planners each night:

Math 5. We will continue with assignments and assessments in the classroom. They should have plenty of time in class to complete their work. They will test this week.

Daily Oral Language (DOL). Students edit two sentences daily in class and will test on some of the same sentences each Friday. Additionally, students will edit two similar sentences weekly for a quiz grade (to see if they can apply their newfound editing knowledge).

A copy of the practice sentences with an answer key are available every Monday. Each night, to reinforce your student’s learning, ask s/he to edit that day’s two sentences again which you can correct using the answer key (this work never has to be turned into me). Parents should familiarize themselves with the proofreading markings which will be used for the remainder of the year (these marks will be utilized when I edit any student’s written work).

Spelling. A copy of their spelling list is sent home in their Monday Folder and a duplicate list kept at school.

Vocabulary. All students take a five word vocabulary test every Friday.

Please note: the DOL answer key, and the spelling and vocabulary lists will be available by Monday evening.

All testing in my classes will occur this Friday as follows (again, you can download printable study guides for reading and language arts at “Week 5″ in the sidebar on the right):

  • Daily Oral Language (DOL). They’ll practice test on some of the sentences edited each morning in class. Look for:
  • –Practice sentences, and
  • –Answer key (available Monday night)
  • Spelling
  • –Spelling list (available Monday night)
  • Vocabulary.
  • –Vocabulary words (available Monday night)
  • Open Court. The reading comprehension exam will be comprised of short answer and multiple choice questions. It is always an “open book” test.
  • Sarah, Plain and Tall (study guide available online)

2 comments on “Week 5 (Sep 12-16, 2011)

  1. Hey Mr. T,

    I do get Zoey’s spelling words Monday to practice. I have not got a practice sentence sheet yet though. I would like to practice those with Zoey. Last year she struggled with this. Don’t know if she is just not bringing it home. Let me know please.


    • Practice sheets can be downloaded and/or printed from the “Box.net” sidebar to the right of the posts on the “Mr. T’s Fourth Grade” blog. Let me know if you need help.

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