Yes, today’s writing prompt was about…

flatulence. Gross. Yuck. Why use such a crude topic?  A couple of reasons:

  • I wanted a sensory descriptive writing sample. In their description, their goal as a writer was to help readers see, hear, smell, feel, or, uh, taste what was being described.  They ran with it and used, for example, watery eyes, rashes, unconsciousness, deafness, and tooth loss in their descriptions. (Note: if a student was uncomfortable with the theme, they were told to describe their encounter with any unpleasant smell.)
  • I, too, find it an inelegant topic, yet a recurring one in fourth grade free writing pieces.  So, they were told that this is the one time this year they could write about it.  Onward it is taboo, as is use of the words “very” and “awesome.”

2 comments on “Yes, today’s writing prompt was about…

  1. What a “gas”! Danielle did not mention this tonight while we were talking about school. I’ll have to inquire at breakfast. Thanks for the update.

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