Paint Mines field trip permission slip is due Monday, May 16

Paint Mines formations

Paint Mines formations

Our science field trip to the Paint Mines Interpretive Park in El Paso County is scheduled for Wednesday, May 18. It’s my favorite activity of the year and is both challenging and unusual.

A permission slip will be sent home Monday, May 9.  It is also available now in “Week 37″ in the sidebar on the right.

Permission slips and $9 are due Monday, May 16. Your student will need a disposable sack lunch and drink and lots of other stuff – more on that later.

I have ten parent volunteers to ride on the school bus and act as field guides. See Mrs. Waide or me if you’re one of the gluttons for punishment.

Super important information. I’ve warned the kiddos that this “ain’t no hippie field trip:”

  • Have your student eat a good breakfast and take in lots of fluids.
  • There is no shelter on this trip other than the outhouses at the beginning and end of the hike. Also, there is no potable water available. 
  • Students will be outdoors the entire time (about 4 hours) on high, wind swept plains and will hike a minimum of 4.3 miles on designated trails.
  • There are no outhouses along the trail.
  • Students must bring a backpack large enough to carry their own discarded layers of clothing, field guide and pencil, trail snacks and two containers of water.
  • Other suggested gear: sunscreen, handkerchief, hat, sunglasses, windbreaker, hand sanitizer or wipes, binoculars, gloves and camera.
  • Kiddos can wear street clothes that conform with Legacy Academy’s dress code for our trip.  Regardless, it’s über important to dress your student in layers in anticipation of temperature fluctuations (i.e., don’t put them in a t-shirt and ski jacket).

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