Fourth grade students’ musings on CSAP

Monday’s bellwork was the writing prompt, “I think CSAP is…”  Here are a few excerpts from my fourth graders.

“If you ask me, CSAP is the most boring test in the whole, wide world.  I’m pretty sure that whoever invented CSAP got some serious brain damage.  Some people say that CSAP is to show what you know, but I think it’s to torture kids.”


” I think CSAP…math is the best of them all… the only thing bad about CSAP is that it’s so long, but it’s nice when you’re done because you get to sleep and sit and think.  That’s why I like CSAP.”


“I think CSAP is fun because it is an hour…[that] goes straight to first recess.”


“I think CSAP is…amazing.  CSAP is to test what you know.  I like CSAP because you have to be quiet.”


“I don’t think we should have CSAP because every year I spend thirty eight weeks out of my life [in] school, and at school we show what we know, and [with] CSAP, we do the same thing.

To me, CSAP is a terrible idea for school.”


“I think CSAP is…scary, but once you do it, it’s not so bad.  I like CSAP because I don’t have homework.”


“I think CSAP is an exhausting, [but] easy test…[that] takes about 85 minutes of everyone’s  life.  Plus shouldn’t the teacher already know how you’re doing in school?”



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