Holiday Party, December 17

From my hard working Room Mother, Mrs. Stubbings:

Hi Everyone!!

It is time to start thinking about the Christmas party along with everything else we are doing the next couple of weeks!  The party will be on December 17, 2010, at 10:45 – 11:45.

I was thinking that we would make it easy and fun!  How about we collect $5 – 10 per student and I will get some food, drinks and a gift for Mr. T.  I thought I could pick-up several big pizzas and some juice and then get something for Mr. T for everything that he has done for our kids these first four months!!  We could also use:

  • Veggie tray/Fruit tray
  • Paper plates/Napkins/Cups
  • Cookies or other dessert

If there is anything else that anyone can think of, give me a call.  Thanks so much!!  I will have an envelope at the front desk to collect the money and then I will get a Christmas card for everyone to sign at the front desk, also.

Merry Christmas!

Renee Stubbings


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