Week 30 (March 29 – April 2, 2010)

Dillon and Lonnie dance with abandon at LA's Middle School Dance Program, March 1, 2010

For the latest news on Mr. T’s classroom, follow us at Twitter.

If you missed parent -teacher conferences, your kiddo’s report card will be sent home in their Monday Folder.

Spring Break was ¡muy bueno!

Science.  Our in-school field trip (i.e, the dissection of sheep lungs) is scheduled for Wednesday, April 7.  The field trip permission slips are in the Monday Folders, but can also be downloaded here.

Your kids will become 5th graders in 35.5 school days.

Star of the WeekEvery Wednesday, for the remainder of the year, the class will interview its Star of the Week.  The Star can bring in photos and artifacts about her/him for display on Monday and must remove them by Friday.  This Wednesday’s  Star of the Week is Hannah.  On deck (Wednesday, April 14):  Braydon.  In the hole (Wednesday, April 21):  Kelly.

Download Mr. Tallent and Mrs. Waide’s  “Week 30 for Parents” .zip file here from YouSendIt. It contains the:

  • Open Court story and vocabulary words (the story, “He Sewed Up His Heart,” is available online)
  • Mr. T’s spelling list (important note:  everyone has the same spelling list this week)
  • Sheep lung dissection in-school field trip permission slip due by Friday, April 2 with $12

Daily Oral Language (DOL). There are no more weekly practice sentences or tests for the remainder of the school year. They will, however, continue to have a weekly DOL quiz beginning after Spring Break.

Math 5. Problem sets 85 – 88 will be due as homework this week. They should have plenty of time in class to complete homework. They will test this Friday.

Spelling Testing this Friday.

Vocabulary. Testing this Friday.

Shurley Grammar. No testing this week, however, students will be classifying pattern 3 sentences.

Rewriting. We’ll contine addressing the elements of a book review.


2 comments on “Week 30 (March 29 – April 2, 2010)

  1. Since Mrs.Waide is kind of shareing the same website howcome her class asinements are not on her.

    (at least i have not seen any of her class asinements on here)

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