Week 15 (NOV 23 – 27, 2009)

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone. I am indeed grateful for your kiddos. Fourth graders have a unique view of the world.

Do I need to tell anyone there’s no school Wednesday through Friday?

Due to the shortened week, my students will have no new homework or test preparation. Obviously, they must complete any missing assignments (particularly in math) and the December science fair looms large.

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Science Fair. I extended two deadlines. Get the scoop here.

Math 5. Small group investigations in class are planned. There will be no new homework this week. They should have plenty of time in class to complete missing assignments. They will not test this week.

Spelling / Vocabulary. All students will work with their cumulative spelling and vocabulary words. They will not test this week.

Rewriting.  Students will complete their second extended writing piece.

Shurley Grammar. No testing this week, however, students will be classifying sentences and working with vocabulary.


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