Week 13 (NOV 9 – 13, 2009)

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Parent conferences. Please let me know if you’d like to reschedule a conference. Here’s how to contact me.

The fourth grade website is NOT operable. I had to change hosting sites recently and it does not work. So here’s a temporary fix:

–Download the “Week 13 for Parents” .zip file here from YouSendIt. It contains the:

  • Open Court vocabulary words (a copy of the story is NOT available)
  • Mr. T’s spelling list
  • DOL (daily oral language) practice sheet and answer key
  • Science Fair Information Packet
  • Student Science Fair Notebook

–Download a .zip file unpacker here (most computers will open this file automatically when you click on it. If not, you can find one here)

Science Fair. Your students have two deadlines to meet within the next seven days. Get the scoop here.

Math 5. Problem sets 46 – 49 will be due as homework this week. They should have plenty of time in class to complete homework. They will test this Friday.

Daily Oral Language (DOL). Students edit two or three sentences daily in class and will test on some of the same sentences this Friday. Additionally, students will edit two similar sentences weekly for a quiz grade (to see if they can apply their newfound editing knowledge).

Spelling. Every student has a spelling list at their individual spelling level as determined by their Morrison-McCall test results (several kids spell well beyond the fourth grade age level). A copy of their list is sent home in their Monday Folder and a duplicate list kept at school.

Vocabulary. All students take a five word vocabulary test each Friday.

Shurley Grammar. No testing this week, however, students will be classifying sentences and working with vocabulary.


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