Week 1 (August 25 – 29)

Email me. Please send an email to dave.tallent@legacyk12.org and d.tallent@gmail.com, and I’ll add it to my address book. A parent email list for emergency notifications, progress reports, and requests for volunteers will be generated (“I know” I already collected this last week, but Legacy’s email system wiped out all my non-staff contacts on Friday. Please bear with me).

No school. Labor Day is celebrated next Monday, September 1.

Room Parent.  I need at least two.  I think you have to express an interest and then the Room Mom coordinator makes a decision based on some secret formula.  I’m not kidding.

Every Monday, parents should look for these two things:

  • *This Week’s Assignments (in the sidebar on the right), and
  • the current issue of my classroom newsletter, Mr. T’s Tattler

Each week you’ll find printable study guides for Friday’s language arts tests in “*This Week’s Assignments.” The Tattler lists weekly homework assignments for my classes (e.g., Saxon Math 65 and science), and, whenever possible, requirements from Mrs. Waide and your student’s specials teachers (i.e., art, computers, music; physical education).

Absolutely no nuts in the classroom at anytime. This includes products your kids bring in daily for their snack. Airborne particles and residue on hands, clothing, desks, and in waste containers are of dire concern. Thanks for your help.

Star of the Week begins Wednesday, September 3 and she is Bailee Allyn.  Each star needs to talk briefly about the photographs they bring in to share and field questions from the crowd.

Math 65. New fourth grade students will be taking individual Saxon Publishers’ Middle Grades [math] Placement Tests.  Remaining students will pretest throughout the week. They’ll begin work in the textbook based on the classroom average on these tests.  Math 65 students may have homework late this week (check their planners).

Daily Oral Language (DOL). Students edit two sentences daily in class and will test on some of the same sentences each Friday. Additionally, students will edit two similar sentences weekly for a quiz grade (to see if they can apply their newfound editing knowledge).  Note:  DOL will be a practice test scored as a participation grade this week.

A copy of the practice sentences with an answer key are available every Monday. Each night, to reinforce your student’s learning, ask s/he to edit that day’s two sentences again which you can correct using the answer key (this work never has to be turned into me). Parents should familiarize themselves with the proofreading markings which will be used for the remainder of the year (these marks will be utilized when I edit any student’s written work).

Spelling. Students take a 20 word pretest from Open Court every Monday. On Friday, students test only upon the words they misspelled on the Monday pretest. They will be exempted from the Friday test if their pretest score is at least 95% (i.e., they misspell one or fewer words).  Instead they will be given a supplemental spelling test of five to ten words at their spelling level as determined by their Morrison-McCall test results (several kiddos spell well beyond the fourth grade age level).

Vocabulary. All students take a five word vocabulary test every Friday.

Please note: the DOL answer key, and the spelling and vocabulary lists will be available by Monday evening.  It’s important to note that every student’s spelling list will be unique, so look for it in their Monday Folder.

Shurley Grammar. No testing this week, however, students will be classifying sentences and working with synonyms and antonyms.

All testing in my classes will occur this Friday as follows:

  • Daily Oral Language (DOL). They’ll practice test on some of the sentences edited each morning in class. Click on the links for:
  • Practice sentences
  • Answer key (available Monday night)
  • Spelling. Students will test only upon the words they misspell on Monday’s pretest. They will be exempted from the Open Court words if their pretest score is at least 95%.
  • Spelling list (available Monday night)
  • Vocabulary.
  • Vocabulary words (available Monday night)
  • Open Court. This week’s reading comprehension practice exam will be comprised of short answer and multiple choice questions. It is always an “open book” test.
  • Mrs. Frisby and the Crow (study guide)

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