Week 31 (APR 7 – 11, 2008)

Evacuation. Here’s what little I could find about last Friday’s evacuation (7 News, 9 News, Fox News: 4-4-2008 newscast); Rocky Mountain News). A few tears were shed by some fourth graders worried about their siblings or personal items they’d left behind in the classroom. By in large, they responded admirably given the unusual, sudden change in circumstances.

Progress reports. The evacuation required that I leave my car at Legacy Academy. Once home I discovered I’d left my classroom keys inside the school. As a result, I could do no grading this weekend so my progress reports will be sparse this week.

Support Your School! Week: details about elementary activities are available here.

Each week, parents should look for these two things:

  • *This Week’s Assignments (in the sidebar on the right), and
  • the current issue of my classroom newsletter, Mr. T’s Tattler

Absolutely no nuts, raspberries, pineapple, or baked goods containing milk in the classroom at anytime. This includes products your kids bring in daily for their snack. Airborne particles and residue on hands, clothing, desks, and in waste containers are of dire concern. Thanks for your help.

Fun Friday Snack Helpers are Christian (drinks) and John (snacks). We start at 2:30 p.m., have 24 students, and there can be no nuts, raspberries, pineapple, or baked goods containing milk.

Math 54. Problem sets 99 – 102 will be due as homework this week. They will test this Friday.

Shurley Grammar. Students will continue classifying pattern 3 sentences. There will be no quiz this week.

All testing in my classes will occur this Friday as follows:

  • Daily Oral Language (DOL). They’ll test on the sentences edited each morning in class. Click on the links for:
  • Practice sentences
  • Answer key (available now)
  • Spelling. Students will test only upon the words they misspelled on Monday’s pretest. They will be exempted if their pretest score is at least 95%.
  • Spelling list (available Monday night)
  • Vocabulary. A pretest will be given Monday. Students will be exempted if their pretest score is perfect.
  • Vocabulary words (available Monday night)
  • Open Court. The reading comprehension exam will be comprised of short answer and multiple choice questions. It will be an “open book” test.
  • Breaking Into Print (is not available online).

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