Class picture day, Friday, February 15

Our class picture will be taken this Friday. We are to be photographed in our school uniforms (it is not a “Dress of Choice” day).

Group pictures of after-school organizations (e.g., Art Club, Chess Club, Matchwits, Robotics; Rocketry) and team sports I have coached (i.e., middle school boys basketball) will also be taken on Friday. So please send your kiddos with any applicable team uniform (t-shirt or jersey) to change into for these pix.

Note: basketball players will turn in their washed jerseys and shorts on Friday.


3 comments on “Class picture day, Friday, February 15

    • Hello, Miss Lambert. What a surprise. You’re in sixth grade, now? Yikes. Thanks for contacting me. Don’t be a stranger. Make sure you visit my classroom if you are ever at Legacy Academy.
      Mr. T

      • Yup, it was kind of scary the first weeks of 6th grade. And I definiltey hope to visit sometime. But I’ve been so busy with homework, school, and family, but i mite be able to squeeze something in.
        I did send you an email and hope you got it. 🙂

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