Science fair FAQ

All Legacy Academy science fair materials for fourth graders are available on our website. Pay particular attention to the timetable detailed in the “Notification Letter.”

Your student will not have to conduct her/his experiment on-site during the science fair; nor will they have to speak to judges during the event. Experiments will be run/observed at home, then reported upon at the science fair using a presentation board. All judging concerns the results/layout of their project on the display board.

Your student needs to select a science fair topic no later than November 19. I have about a dozen books about science experiments available in my classroom to help your kiddo select their project. If they discover ready-made experiment procedures in these books, I will make copies of them for those students.

In class I have worked with the students to develop questions about the physical world that can be tested and measured. When working with your student remember to emphasize the scientific method. Use this process to ask a question, predict the answer to the question, devise and run an experiment, collect data, and draw conclusions.


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