Chase and Christian plot strategyIn science today, 12 randomly selected four person teams worked collaboratively to engineer and build the tallest freestanding structure possible using marshmallows and spaghetti. Logan Blakeslee, working alone, built a tower 60 centimeters tall. The team of Abigail Davis, Katie McChesney, Kayla Prario, and Lauren VanEaton engineered a cantilevered creation peaking at 56 centimeters. The last structure standing in Mrs. Waide’s class topped out at 28 centimeters and was created my Abigail Borden, Konrad Pfannenstiel, Kyle Savickas, and Cross Weeks. Here’s the proof (thanks, Flickr).


4 comments on “Teambuilding

  1. Yo guess what…I know everyone listed(and I don’t even go to that school!!:). Way to go guys,very nice job…especially you Logan Blakeslee!!:)

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