Week 33 (April 30 – May 4, 2007)

Please see:

No Fun Friday snack helpers this week because of Field Day.

No progress reports this week.

Field Day, Friday, May 4. If she hasn’t already contacted you, Room Mom Julie Fitzsimmons is on the job.

No new assignments this week because of:

  • last week’s snow days, and
  • the current shortened week (there will be no school for students this Monday, the 30th, and Friday, the 4th).

Math 54. Problems sets 132 – 134 will be assigned as homework this week. There’s one supplemental problem set this week. Students will not test this week.

Literacy. In my classes, all testing will occur this Thursday:

  • Shurley Grammar. Click on the links for:
  • Practice sentences
  • Answer key
  • Spelling. Students will test only upon the words they misspelled on last Monday’s pretest. They will be exempted if their pretest score was at least 90%.
  • Spelling list
  • Vocabulary. A pretest was given last Monday. Students will be exempted if their pretest score was perfect.
  • Vocabulary words
  • Open Court story selection. Students will read but will not be tested on their understanding of the new Open Court story. A copy of the story will not be available online.
  • Koko’s Kitten

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