Field trip permission slips are due Friday

Science. Staff from the Denver Museum of Nature and Science will be conducting three labs at Legacy Academy with both fourth grades on February 28. This in-school field trip is the culminating activity of our unit on the circulatory and respiratory systems. Each lab concludes with the dissection of sheep hearts by students from both classes working collaboratively in small groups of 2 or 3 and supervised by parent volunteers.

Permission slips, which were sent home last week in the Monday folders, can be returned by Friday, February 23. The field trip costs $10 with scholarships available to any student participating in the reduced lunch program.

I’ve had several parents ask to work as volunteers, but more are needed. Labs are scheduled for 9, 11, and 1:30, and while it’s a big time commitment, it also counts towards your volunteer hours. Please let Mrs. Waide, our stellar Room Moms, Mmes. Bohling and Fitzsimmons, or me know if you’re interested.


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