Volunteers needed / recorders

Volunteer hours. Here’s a list of tasks I need completed, some immediately, others within a few weeks. Please email me at dtallent@elbertccs.org or leave a voicemail at (303)646-2636, ext. 127 if you’re interested.

  • Make my Open Court bulletin board
  • Hang my alphabet letters (1)
  • Hang my phonogram symbols and sounds (1)
  • Make “flip card” decks for Fry sight words (2)

Notes: (1) Works best with a partner(s); best time to complete is any Thursday, 10-11:35 p.m. (2) Can be done at home.

Music. Legacy Academy’s new music teacher, Mrs. Carroll, asked me to pass along her memo regarding the availability of recorders in her fourth grade music classes:

Your 4th grade student will be playing Recorder this year for music classes. We will center our composer studies, theory, history, etc. around playing the recorder. The school has enough recorders to be able to check out an instrument to each student, and the students will be responsible to turn them in at the end of the school year. Any lost or broken recorders will have to be replaced or a $6 fee will be required. You may also wish to purchase a recorder for your student. It is not required.

My preference, if you do buy one, is that you not buy the cheap plastic colored recorders from a discount store like WalMart or Target. These are “pretty” and fun, but are not made well and are not as “in tune” as the other more expensive brands. Try to find a 2 or 3 piece recorder instead. The 3 piece recorders are very nice because they are easier to adjust for small hands and are much better in tune with each other. Brown, black, or cream colored are all good choices. All the music stores carry these, and they generally run between $5 and $7 each.

Again, if you would rather me check a school recorder out to your child, just send a note back to me, or let your child tell me. I will begin checking these out next week.


Teresa Carroll


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