The paperless classroom / nuts / email

Monday Folders. Wow! 96% of parents will get my newsletter, homework assignments, and other classroom information through this blogspot. It will save Legacy Academy so much paper. If I’m your student’s teacher (including science and math students from Mrs. Waide’s class), I’ll have links to any paperwork they’ll need for the week. Thanks again for your participation.

Daily Oral Language (DOL). Students arrived today a tad confused about what to do with the DOL practice sentences and answer key included in Monday’s folder. Principally, it was intended as an “FYI” for parents to familiarize you with the proofreading markings we’ll use for the remainder of the year. These marks will be used when I edit any student’s written work. Students edit two sentences daily in class and will test on the same, or similar, sentences on Friday. Parents can give a mock test to their child on Thursday using the answer key for corrections.

Absolutely no peanuts in the classroom at anytime. This includes products your kids bring in daily for their snack. Airborne particles and peanut residue on hands, clothing, desks, and in waste containers are of dire concern. Thanks for your help.

Email me. Please send an email to and I’ll add it to my address book. I plan to setup a parent emailing list for emergency notifications, progress reports, and requests for volunteers.


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